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Bret Michaels - Rocker/Entrepreneur/Philanthropist/Wig Wearer

Here at FOON when we think of Bret Michaels, as I’m sure many of you also do, we don’t think of the frontman of Poison, we tend to focus on his many entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts.  Bret’s a man of many wigs and you can have the chance to see him at an upcoming Heath & Fitness Expo.

WBNS 10TV Original Health & Fitness Expo Celebrity Guest Peaches Geldof has a prior commitment so the next obvious choice was none other than Poison frontman Bret Michaels.

See Bret speak on these health & fitness related topics:

Diabeetus and rose pruning

Which lip gloss is right for you?

Mastering the perfect pout

Wigs and you: Overcoming male pattern baldness

Hiding those unsightly herpes sores

As the ad says, “It’s 2 days to help you eat right, get fit and change your life.” Who better to guide you on your way than “Legendary Rocker, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist” Bret Michaels.

Kick it C.C.!

Artist: From Out Of Nowhere
Track: Episode 90 - James McMurtry
Clear Channel Communications Fires Computers. Nationwide Systems Replaced By Single TI-99


In a cost cutting move announced earlier today, Clear Channel Communications CEO Robert Pittman announced mass layoffs of the computer systems that replaced previously laid off on-air personalities. 

Pittman stated,”We have been assessing our vertical strategic structure and have decided a realigning of our broadcasting infrastructure could maximize profitability and allow for better allocation of resources.”

Pink slips were delivered today to thousands of Clear Channel network computers responsible for delivering music, news and most importantly, advertising. “Change is tough,” says Pittman, “but in order for Clear Channel to remain competitive and remain customer focused, we have to remember it’s all about synergies, 1+1 does equal 3.”

Clear Channel has hired Bill Cosby as spokesman, proudly showing off the one computer that will control all radio stations in America.


Pittman assures From Out Of Nowhere that consumers will experience no hiccups or even notice the behind the scenes changes. “By centralizing all local and regional music, talk and news to one TI-99 at our headquarters in San Antonio, we will be able to more effectively deliver the ads that consumers want to hear along with a playlist of more than 35 Classic Rock songs from Rush, Boston, Heart and Tom Petty.” 

Artist: From Out Of Nowhere
Track: EPISODE 86
Album: FOON: The Return
33 Days In The Hole: The Chicago Experiment - Now Available In Print!

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"The headbanged genius that is Rob Kern has more than innovatively picked, of all things, the smells-funny horn rock abomination, Chicago, as a crafty, sly jump-off point to wax nostalgically about the wider (and harder) rocking realm and his own booze-addled stupidity, each wayward tale (all better than yours) and oldster-vantaged observation sure to send any classic rock waste-case into knowing winks and the odd convulsion of sad recognition.

This journey has not made me like Chicago any higher ‘n the last place in which the band presides. But it has made me appreciate how a whole hilarious rock ‘n’ beers universe can be spun out of such a musical no-go zone, especially when the spinner is a guy who self-professes possession of a mind stuffed with simultaneously rockin’ an’ rollin’ hamster wheels.” - Martin Popoff

For 33 days freelance music journalist Rob Kern set aside all forms of music except for one, the music of Chicago The Band. His mission, to listen to one Chicago album per day, chronologically, from their first release to their newest.

Can a hard rock loving goon survive this musical deprivation experiment? 33 Days In The Hole: The Chicago Experiment is equal parts album review and manifesto that exposes the reader to Rob’s thoughts, ideas and general state of mind while listening to a band that has weathered 6 decades of change and musical styles.

Part rock and roll, part parody, 33 Days In The Hole: The Chicago Experiment is a book that will have you shaking your head one minute and laughing the next. Will Rob find a new favorite group or descend into madness? Read on and find out.